Sunday, May 27, 2007

10 things that make me happy...

As I was sitting here this morning contemplating blogging our hike from yesterday, and perusing my blogs and such folder, I found a challenge thrown out to me by Absolutely Bananas (see??? I 'm not). And any one who knows me knows I am always up to a challenge at least if it is a challenge I know I can do!! So here is my top 10 list: (drum roll please!!!)

watching the Colorado clouds
listening to the wild birds sing and I don't mean these!
a clean house
baby smiles, and ones from little kids too...
comments - lots and lots of blog comments
gossiping (I know, I know bad, evil me)
nicely painted toenails
ice cold farm fresh milk
movie night with Aba after the kids are in bed

hmm, well maybe my list is more of a 10 things I enjoy but they all make me happy!!!

TAG you are it !!! (see I can be sneaky too!!!)