Friday, May 18, 2007

I am an idiot...

never grab a mystery bug off of your child and fling it across the room. Either squish it or identify it. Now I having been googling like mad and not finding what it was, and have no idea where in the room ( the room that Aba, Baby B and I sleep in) it is, and I am freaking.

It was small and round and flat and black, and all of its legs were the same size and splayed out like a kids picture of the sun. I do know what it was not though: a cockroach, a stink bug, a bed mite a scorpion or a tick. Great right? Nope not to me, maybe it is a black grass bug - but it didn't quite match the picture. Okay that's it calling Bampa.

UPDATE: okay Bampa (Aba's Aba - an etmediologist for a Large County)said not to worry, but then I pestered Aba anyways and started looking for it again, and found it! It was a tick after all. A wood tick that had apparently not eaten in a very long time!!! It has been squished and flushed, and tomorrow the yard will be sprayed. Good thing I finally advantaged Master Hunter, huh?