Tuesday, May 15, 2007

how was your night?

mine did not go as planned, or hoped. I hoped I could go to the Jewish women's circle, I planned to go to the schools PTO meeting; tonite was election night for next years officers. I planned on making an early dinner of Hamburgers and french fries and enjoying it with my family. I hoped to pick up our new patio table after the PTO meeting.

What did I do instead? Well I think this picture explains it fairly well

or perhaps this one explains it better,

yep stitches.

We got to make an impromptu visit to our Pediatrician (the best pediatrician ever!) who said we needed a plastic surgeon and to head on over to Swedish (who knew not all ER's have a plastic surgeon on staff? I thought childrens would for sure...) Where J got prompt care, even though he refused to speak, or even move more than 6 inches from me. Well until the drugs kicked in a dropper full of day glo yellow liquid that was described to me as Vicodin for kids. They said it would knock him out, and the plastic surgeon would arrive within the hour. Did it knock him out? That would be a big fat NOPE!! He became a chatter box, started pushing buttons and talking back, jumped up and down on the gurney, insisted I call Aba no less than 4 times to laugh at him, and when the surgeon did arrive they had to wrap him like a burrito since he was giggling and rolling around and kicking at the air.

But in the end we are done another scar on another kid... Hopefully he will be as proud of his as N is of his!