Friday, May 11, 2007

A perfect Mothers day?

Is it the same forever or does it change as we (and our children) grow? I remember the Mothers days of my young childhood, the day was marked with Going to a fancy brunch at a nice restaurant, where I was dressed in my nicest dress, their were white linens on the table, and tables and tables of buffet to choose from, an omelet station, hand carved roast beef, silver platters of iced shrimp and crab legs, fresh made crepes and Belgium waffles with ice cream on top, tables of desserts and strawberries bigger than my hands and sweeter than the sun shine. Presents nicely wrapped for Mom from fine boutiques, jewelry, and robin figurines.

Well as the years past and I became a mother myself this is the kind of Mothers day I wanted, that I thought mothers were supposed to have, so when N was born I insisted we go Hotel Del , but it was not the same.

Over the years I have yet to figure out what I truly expect Mothers day to be…

A fancy brunch? Maybe, but not until the kids are much older I mean who wants to have them complaining they are hungry and spend a weeks pay then watch them not eat and constantly remind them of manners and get up and down and up and down taking various ones to the different buffets? Nope doesn’t sound fun.

A breakfast in bed? Maybe, but only if it is edible… and the kitchen magically cleans itself afterwards… I picture eggs on the ceiling every possible dish used, flour dusting the floor, and being served a cold runny egg with blackened toast. Nope doesn’t sound fun.

But here is the thing my kids are little, I thing N might have an idea of what Mothers day is, a day to thank your mom for all she has done for you, to show your gratitude and how much she has sacrificed to make your days go smoothly and your desires come true. That she took the time to listen to your stories, and scare the monsters (or dinosaurs) away; to mend your pants 5 minutes before going to school, for cleaning your throw up up 5 times in one night and make sure everyone got writing on there slice of cake.

What I really want,l at least this year, is not a fancy brunch nor breakfast in bed, but for my husband, the father of my children to acknowledge all I do for our children on behalf of the little ones who are to young to understand, much less to say thank you. Oh, and it would really be nice to have a day to myself, at home with no mommy chores to do, well except for the nursing, no one can do that but me!