Wednesday, May 02, 2007

An innocent quote

Today after ballet class miss B said something that kinda threw me. A well known saying that is heard often in the south. Where she got it from I haven't a clue, but when the 6 harmless words came out of her mouth this is the first thing that popped into my mind.

Now don't get me wrong I love the Dolly of my childhood, and this is one of my favorite movies ( I don't know something about musicals gets me all the time especially when there are bad boys involved like with Crybaby, another of my favorites) but not one I have seen lately. And even though I was not raised in the south I like to liken myself to a southern belle ( well I was born and raised in southern California, does that count?) and can pick up a southern accent in about 2 seconds flat when I go back to visit the relatives, or listen to enough country music, but that is besides the point. So what would you think if your little one said...

Y'all come back now, y'here?