Monday, May 21, 2007

The big recital!!!

So Saturday was the big recital and while I admit Aba does off during other children's scenes ( there were 17 plus the finale) he was in charge of the videos during B's turn. TV shows was the theme, so B did Ballet to Bonanza, Tap to Care bears, and looked confused - but said the infamous quote during The Beverly Hillbillies.

Overall I would say all the girls did great, with only one girl stopping to stare at the audience ( not in B's class) and 1 girl having a hilarious costume malfunction ( again not in B's class) but worked through it like a pro.

I used the new camera, but unfortunately I am still working on the settings, the kids setting caught the action fast enough, but with out enough light, and the candle setting caught the correct amount of light but was to slow! So you will notice none of the pictures are perfect, but they are much better than the old camera would have done!