Thursday, May 10, 2007

You would have thought it was a monkey…

The way everyone was carrying on, actually J said it was a monkey (or maybe he said my tree, it is hard to tell with him a lot of the time still). Kids yelling Mom you gotta come see! Mommy come outside! Moooom Aba wants to show you something, all over a squirrel, an ordinary squirrel (well a Boy squirrel if we need to get specific) sitting in the top of our tallest tree, which is only like 15 feet and spindly and young. You would never know from this conversation that these children are avid hikers, go camping often and see all kinds of actual wildlife on a daily basis.

While the rest of the family is in Awe of the squirrel, Neighbor dad comes up to the fence and tells Aba the whole story of how this Big boy ended up in our gangly tree. Apparently around 9 o’clock this morning Big boy was on the fence next to us, when some kids came out to play and Big Boy made a break for it to our yard which looked so safe and empty from his vantage point and hid in the sandbox under the stairs, well little did he notice the Master hunter sniffing around on the other side of the yard, well of course this new smell awakened his hunting instinct and the chase was on… Big boy jumped and ran up the banister to the deck thinking as most squirrels do that they are up high, so they are safe, poor Big boy didn’t realize that next to banisters are stairs, stairs which Master Hunter can easily navigate. So up he came and Big Boy then ran back and forth across the deck rail several times with Master Hunter on his heels. After about 10 minutes of this, Big Boy made a daring jump to the other deck railing and hid behind the grill, thinking he had managed to escape Master Hunter, so when Master Hunter came up from behind the grill Big Boy jumped, He jumped high and far, and managed to land on the gangly tree, breaking a few of its tiny branches on impact but managed to hang on, and there is where he stayed, until I saw him at 3:30 this afternoon, and that is where he was still at 6:30 this evening when Aba and the kids made Big Boys discovery, and of course in true Aba style the first thing he asked was if I had put advantage on Master Hunter, which of coarse I didn’t, why would I actually do something I was told to do? And you all know what’s coming, now don’t we
? Yep, I got a lecture on the plague, guess apples don’t fall far from the tree, now do they???