Sunday, May 06, 2007

2 ballerinas???

B has decided to teach Baby B ballet! It is so cute! Baby B laying on the living room floor, and miss B gently moving her legs (strait left, bent right) and saying Passe, (switch legs) Passe, switch legs again Passe. Good Baby B! now we do Plie, bends both knees. I always thought you had to walk before you could be a ballerina, guess I was wrong!

Oh, and I am officially a TopMomma, so please vote for me click on the picture below and then click on me to come back! The more clicks I get, the longer I stay afloat. Wonder how long the picture of my kiddos will last??

Aba saw me up on the site last night, but didn't wake me to let me know, can you imagine? and then didn't even tell me till after breakfast! Apparently it is not such a big deal to him as it is to me, maybe he is afraid I will embarrass him in Cyberspace?