Tuesday, May 22, 2007

a pampered evening.

so tonite I finally became one of them, you know, those suburban moms with there little house parties, where all kinds of things are sold from candles to naughty items, purses to kitchen stuff (think modern day Tupperware party). I had a pampered chef party. I know, I know usually these things are boring, and you feel obligated to buy things; and when I was invited to one a friend through a few months ago I remembered the ones I had attended in the past and almost didn't go. But when I got there I had the best time! Jamie our "chef" was so entertaining! and she taught us little things I never knew; I knew that I any show she consulted would be great, so I agreed to host one. Tonite was my first show and her 1199th. I sent out the invitations, bought the ingredients, and cleaned the house. Although only about half of my Rsvped friends and acquaintances showed, it was still great. She made us smile, taught all of a new trick or two, and showed us some great new products!

Apparently May is Breast Cancer awareness month, so some special pink products are available for this month only, and 2 of them are great! a mini spatula with a long handle and a special measuring gizmo. I really want the measuring gizmo, it would be great for shortening and peanut butter. They also have over 40 new items that have just come out. A trifle bowl with a removable base, some fantastic kitchen shears with an herb destemmer, and some bamboo salad tongs that are super fun to play with - Aba was playing with them for like 15 minutes while Jamie was cleaning up.

I bought my first pampered chef item way back in 1997, and still use it constantly. Their items really hold up, and now that I have discovered that it is the Chef that makes the show, I will not be so hesitant to go to others in the future. I mean really who does not love it when someone else cooks and cleans up for you?

** If you want to place an order go ahead and use this link. My show closes on the 29th of this month, and the pink items are only available through the end of May**