Wednesday, February 28, 2007

4 years of B...

Our little Princess has grown up a lot over the years, form a wee breastfeeding babe... To a beautiful toddler full of energy and wonder...To a smiling girl prettier than any model... with her own signature look "The B"...
to a sophisticaed 4 year old, who loves to play tea party...
With Aba as the finest butler in town... Her Alice in wonderland theme plays out well...
and blowing out the mad-hatter candles... our little girl is growing up so fast...

Thursday, February 22, 2007

my mailbox is being spammed!

and I am NOT talking about my email! My U.S. Post office mailbox is being spammed! I am receiving tons of JUNK! and it is addressed to all sorts of people, from my deceased father, to my father-in-law in California, Resident is a very popular person at our address, as well as occasional mail for all of the children and even the dog!

It is such a waste! a waste of trees; a waste of money for the companies sending this stuff; and a waste of space and time for me who has to sort through it all.

Last time we opened our mailbox, there was 74 pieces of mail in it! and out of that 1 usable welcomed coupon, 4 bills, and 3 valentines day cards. The rest was trash, and such a waste: credit card offers, refinance offers, flyer's from various churches (Hello!! We are Jewish!), local coupon publications, Realtors advertisements, etc.

In the past I have tried calling the companies and asking them to remove us from their lists, putting them back in the mailbox marked return to sender, and putting them back in the mailbox marked Remove - return to sender (for which I got a note from the postman telling me that was not allowed).

So now as I research the Internet, I have found a site petitioning to make a , do not mail registry similar to the do not call registry, a 3 step program to remove junk mail, and a site that will
stop the junk mail, AND plant trees on you behalf for a small fee.

So, everyone join me in stopping this great waste of our resources, and fight to win back your mailbox from mass marketing.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A first of many I am sure

a cozy condo view Pure powder at A - Basin
The lift ride up
The Molly Hagen express
Here he comes

Slow down speed demon!

Slow and steady...

Whoopsie Daisy, Aba to the rescue!
The hero returns

She's doing the plow.Packing up for the day
The smallest snow bunnybig memories are made on small skis
3 in a bed
and 2 tuckered on a sofa
Sweet dreams of powdery snow.

Ready to go again?

Monday, February 19, 2007

you can help win an ice cream party for Ns class!

Little N's school is having a Box Tops for Education fundraiser. and the winning class gets an Ice cream party! So please anyone and everyone send us your box tops! He must receive them by May 24th, 2007. Here is a list of participating products, and for other ways to earn, email me.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Now there is a smile that has been in hiding

Blah,blah movies

Ant Bully was a great kids movie which kept the kids entertained while showing examples of team work, and compassion.

Doc Hollywood, an oldie but a goodie! Back from the time when Michael J. Fox was hot, the story holds true for today and is appropriate for all ages.

Loved Rumor Has It made as a sequel to The Graduate, which I have never seen, but want to now! This movie also arouses ones curiosity about the song Mrs. Robinson, and really makes you wonder how much of the movies we watched are based on true life. Not appropriate for the younger ones.

And lastly The Devil wears Prada which is worth seeing for the fashion, but not for the plot, which is highly predictable. I truly expected more from this movie.

Sorry for the unimaginative descriptions, but in my heart none of these movies where awful, but on the other hand none were spectacular. Although out of the group I truly loved Rumor Has It, in paled in comparison to others I have seen this year.

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Friday, February 16, 2007


Guilt is an interesting emotion, one that seems to affect some more than others. While many of us have this emotion instilled in us by our mothers, that was never the case with myself. My guilt seems to be self induced and has grown exponentially since becoming a mother myself.

Even though I know that I do my best, and give every waking moment and some sleeping ones to the well being and happiness of my husband and children, I often feel guilty that the house is not clean enough, that the kids don't get enough one on one fun time with me, and that I always seem to busy to spend quality time with my husband.

The other night as I was preparing to go to a pampered chef show, I felt so guilty! Why was I taking time to do something I wanted to do, when the house was not clean, the children had not been fed dinner (although I did cook it), that I could be spending that time with my husband, etc. And that is when I began to wonder; Do all wives and mothers feel guilt when doing things for themselves? For example, I would happily spend hundreds of dollars buying new clothes for the kids, and my husband, but if I am told to get something for myself it is like pulling teeth. I will fight leaving the house, coming up with all kinds of excuses from stating money is tight, to the laundry needs to be folded, and then when finally forced out of the house (as I was last month) I will wander the mall aimlessly for hours, finding plenty for the kids, and then guiltily putting it back remembering I am supposed to be shopping for myself, and when I do find something I like, I put it back on the shelf telling myself it is to expensive to finally end up at home with just one thing, the cheapest thing I could find.

As I read what my friends write on Pafo I begin to think that maybe this does not affect all wives and mothers, but a specific demographic of wives and mothers. The stay at home mom or housewife in particular.

I think the guilt is not justified, we make our families lives exponentially richer in many ways; we breastfeed longer, make home cooked meals, coordinate family dinners, and quality weekend and evening time with our families since we do all of the errands, bill paying, shopping, cleaning, etc. while our husbands are working, our older children are at school, and our little ones are napping, or strapped into a fleet of Car carts (well we try anyways) it gives us hours a night and whole days on the weekends to be together as a family. Divorce rates are lower, our children are happier and more well adjusted, and are less likely to experiment with drugs, or alcohol or have premarital sex; all because of the choice we made to put our families first. The decision we made with our spouses before marriage that once children arrived we would put them first. But rather on the fact that there is one thing we do not do, and that is to contribute financially to the household. America is a very materialistic nation, ever heard of keeping up with the Joneses? That is an American truth, and what has put so many members of our society in debt, and has laden so many of us with this guilt.

This quilt that my little demographic feels is due to this lack of financial contribution, and that is just wrong. We need to learn not to feel guilty to spend money on ourselves, or to take a break. We should not feel guilty when our husbands have to iron their own shirts once in a blue moon, or our children don't get as many toys as the neighbors. To pass on the helping of guilt that is served up when ever dinner is ordered out, or gasp, even worse made from a box. The stress from the guilt makes usfat, gives us anxiety, and shortens our lives.

In short, we need to remember to take care of ourselves as well as our families. Which is exactly why I am sitting in a nice warm ski condo today reading a magazine and playing on the computer, instead of worrying about what must be done tomorrow when I return to real life.

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Friday, February 09, 2007

Sorry Alton Brown

but your Macaroni was not a winner.

Last night we had a macaroni and cheese taste off inspired by Costco's decision to no longer carry The Blue box that we have all loved and enjoyed since we first began to eat as infants. A favorite with generations. Our new Costco alternatives are Easy Mac something I refuse to bring into my house, and Annie's Organic.

So we had a taste off. 4 macaroni's not labeled and voted on by all members of the family, well at least those who ate.

Macaroni A = Alton Brown's Baked macaroni
Macaroni B = Safeway Organics
Macaroni C = Annie's shells
Macaroni D = Classic Kraft

And for the results.
J's favorite was D, the only one he ate more than a bite of and even had seconds of.
B's vote was a tie for C and D.
N's vote was again for C and D
Aba's vote was also for C and D, but once he found out C was organic he changed his vote to C.

We all agreed B was the worse! A funky neon color, and hard noodles, even after prolonged (twice the recommended amount of time) cooking. one bite was all anyone took of it. Poor Alton, while we love your show we will never eat your macaroni again. The cheese had a curdled texture, and was a rather bland dish overall. While we all grew up with Kraft, and look at it as a basic comfort food, sadly it looks like after 100 years of excellence it will be getting pushed aside for Annies, at least in our house.
You may note that my results were not posted, that is because I knew which was which. But for the record my votes were the same as the rest of the families.

NOTE: everything was prepared with real butter and 2% milk following package instructions. For Annies 2 TBSP butter and 2 TBSP milk was used, and for the Kraft the new instructions were followed of 2 TSP butter and 1/3 cup milk. And we had tomato soup to cleanse the palette between samples.

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Best movie so far this year!


It was very funny and a new concept. It really shows how family is important and needs to come first, even when we get busy. This movie varies from Adam Sandler's normal repertoire of mindless comedy like Happy Gilmore or
Mr. Deeds. Not appropriate for younger children do to sexual connotations and language.

Alice in Wonderland was our kids movie this week, and has been played several times by N and B's requests. I don't know how I am going to convince them it is time to send this one back!

The other movies we watched this week were mainly movies on TV, Boat Trip not something I would have rented, nor something I will watch again. It just wasn't very interesting. Love is a four letter word on the Hallmark channel is a great first attempt at a movie, but definitely has a made for TV feel about it. And lastly and definitely the best out of the TV movie set was High School Musical while this is a Disney Channel original, it felt like a big screen classic, which I will happily let all the kids watch whenever it is on, and watch along with them.

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Monday, February 05, 2007

Guess who is growing now...

Baby B is! Time goes by so fast, she is already 3 months old! Holding her head up, looking around at the world, and doing baby crunches. She still hates the car seat, but really does any child truly like it?

last night when getting her dressed for the Superbowl party, her buttons were straining and she couldn't stretch out her legs all the way, so it is time for new clothes. Up from the basement they came this morning, so a whole new wardrobe awaits her, that is fairly complete, minus the long sleeved onsies and tights we will pick up tomorrow (because it is COLD out).

Friday, February 02, 2007

Cheesecake Cookies

After many rave reviews, and several bakings in the "test" kitchens across the country. It is only fitting that it be the first recipe of my cookbook in progress to be posted here.

I have in the past posted recipes that I have enjoyed by others, but this one is different since it in my own creation. Pleas leave feedback about what you like or dislike about this cookie so I can continue to improve it before the collection is published (sometime far, far in the future).

8 oz. neufchatel cheese (the 1/3rd less fat cream cheese)
¼ cup butter, softened
1 ½ cup brown sugar
1 TBSP vanilla
1 egg yolk
1 package (8) graham crackers
½ cup flour

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. Mix together neufchatel cheese and butter
3. Add in sugar, blend till smooth
4. Stir in vanilla and egg yolk
5. Crush up graham crackers, till it is almost the consistency of flour

(some small chucks are fine).
6. Mix in graham crackers
7. Add flour, but be careful not to over blend
9. Line cookie sheets with foil (shiny side up).
10. Bake for 17 minutes
let cool fully before enjoying

Makes 24 cookies (12 per half sheet pan)

Oh and in case you were wondering where my "test" kitchens are located, they are across the country in various Pafo homes.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just saying Hi...