Sunday, February 18, 2007

Blah,blah movies

Ant Bully was a great kids movie which kept the kids entertained while showing examples of team work, and compassion.

Doc Hollywood, an oldie but a goodie! Back from the time when Michael J. Fox was hot, the story holds true for today and is appropriate for all ages.

Loved Rumor Has It made as a sequel to The Graduate, which I have never seen, but want to now! This movie also arouses ones curiosity about the song Mrs. Robinson, and really makes you wonder how much of the movies we watched are based on true life. Not appropriate for the younger ones.

And lastly The Devil wears Prada which is worth seeing for the fashion, but not for the plot, which is highly predictable. I truly expected more from this movie.

Sorry for the unimaginative descriptions, but in my heart none of these movies where awful, but on the other hand none were spectacular. Although out of the group I truly loved Rumor Has It, in paled in comparison to others I have seen this year.

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