Thursday, February 22, 2007

my mailbox is being spammed!

and I am NOT talking about my email! My U.S. Post office mailbox is being spammed! I am receiving tons of JUNK! and it is addressed to all sorts of people, from my deceased father, to my father-in-law in California, Resident is a very popular person at our address, as well as occasional mail for all of the children and even the dog!

It is such a waste! a waste of trees; a waste of money for the companies sending this stuff; and a waste of space and time for me who has to sort through it all.

Last time we opened our mailbox, there was 74 pieces of mail in it! and out of that 1 usable welcomed coupon, 4 bills, and 3 valentines day cards. The rest was trash, and such a waste: credit card offers, refinance offers, flyer's from various churches (Hello!! We are Jewish!), local coupon publications, Realtors advertisements, etc.

In the past I have tried calling the companies and asking them to remove us from their lists, putting them back in the mailbox marked return to sender, and putting them back in the mailbox marked Remove - return to sender (for which I got a note from the postman telling me that was not allowed).

So now as I research the Internet, I have found a site petitioning to make a , do not mail registry similar to the do not call registry, a 3 step program to remove junk mail, and a site that will
stop the junk mail, AND plant trees on you behalf for a small fee.

So, everyone join me in stopping this great waste of our resources, and fight to win back your mailbox from mass marketing.