Friday, February 09, 2007

Sorry Alton Brown

but your Macaroni was not a winner.

Last night we had a macaroni and cheese taste off inspired by Costco's decision to no longer carry The Blue box that we have all loved and enjoyed since we first began to eat as infants. A favorite with generations. Our new Costco alternatives are Easy Mac something I refuse to bring into my house, and Annie's Organic.

So we had a taste off. 4 macaroni's not labeled and voted on by all members of the family, well at least those who ate.

Macaroni A = Alton Brown's Baked macaroni
Macaroni B = Safeway Organics
Macaroni C = Annie's shells
Macaroni D = Classic Kraft

And for the results.
J's favorite was D, the only one he ate more than a bite of and even had seconds of.
B's vote was a tie for C and D.
N's vote was again for C and D
Aba's vote was also for C and D, but once he found out C was organic he changed his vote to C.

We all agreed B was the worse! A funky neon color, and hard noodles, even after prolonged (twice the recommended amount of time) cooking. one bite was all anyone took of it. Poor Alton, while we love your show we will never eat your macaroni again. The cheese had a curdled texture, and was a rather bland dish overall. While we all grew up with Kraft, and look at it as a basic comfort food, sadly it looks like after 100 years of excellence it will be getting pushed aside for Annies, at least in our house.
You may note that my results were not posted, that is because I knew which was which. But for the record my votes were the same as the rest of the families.

NOTE: everything was prepared with real butter and 2% milk following package instructions. For Annies 2 TBSP butter and 2 TBSP milk was used, and for the Kraft the new instructions were followed of 2 TSP butter and 1/3 cup milk. And we had tomato soup to cleanse the palette between samples.

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