Friday, February 09, 2007

Best movie so far this year!


It was very funny and a new concept. It really shows how family is important and needs to come first, even when we get busy. This movie varies from Adam Sandler's normal repertoire of mindless comedy like Happy Gilmore or
Mr. Deeds. Not appropriate for younger children do to sexual connotations and language.

Alice in Wonderland was our kids movie this week, and has been played several times by N and B's requests. I don't know how I am going to convince them it is time to send this one back!

The other movies we watched this week were mainly movies on TV, Boat Trip not something I would have rented, nor something I will watch again. It just wasn't very interesting. Love is a four letter word on the Hallmark channel is a great first attempt at a movie, but definitely has a made for TV feel about it. And lastly and definitely the best out of the TV movie set was High School Musical while this is a Disney Channel original, it felt like a big screen classic, which I will happily let all the kids watch whenever it is on, and watch along with them.

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