Monday, June 18, 2007

We have a crawler!

Baby B is growing up so fast! Last week she started crawling a slow and awkward crawl, but crawling none the less. She is not even 8 month old yet. She now wakes from her afternoon nap in the bed and crawls to the edge then cries (we will have to find a new place for her to nap), she crawls around everywhere, slowly but surely. She gets into the fridge drawers, the snack cabinet, the pots and pans under the stove, and that is just in the kitchen! She taught me over the laundry detergent (which I promptly moved off the laundry room floor) and now I am constantly scanning the floor for little things that I know she will out in her mouth.

I can't believe she is growing so fast, and seems to want to be on the go exploring and seeing what she can get into and make mommy crazy. Hold on world here she comes!