Thursday, June 28, 2007

is this a compliment?

Aba informed me tonight as I was busy making faces with my new red hair (it was not supposed to be red, but you know how things happen in our house) the usual cast of characters, Cousin It, Helga, Yosemite Sam, Pippi Longstockings... and that is where the compliment (or was he mocking me?) came in.

He said our House is run by Pippi. ???? Isn't Pippi the scatterbrained, unconventional dirty little girl with a monkey? The one who can lift a horse with one hand and wears red and white striped thigh highs? What does that mean? Am I scatterbrained? Is our house unkempt? Are my household skills unconventional?

He was laughing when he said it, but still... I am starting to think this wasn't a compliment after all.