Friday, June 22, 2007

A Do over day

Everything got done at least twice today. Make breakfast, spill breakfast, make breakfast again. Call Mom, drop the phone and loose the call, call mom again. Pick up toys in the living room, make beds, find toys in the living room and pick up living room again.

See a pattern here? And it just kept going all day long!!! I vacuumed the living room twice after potting soil ended up all over it. Which prompted a move for the plants upstairs to my bath where the kids are not supposed to go, Gave the kids a bath, washed their hair and had them clean for shabbat, cleaned all the bathrooms and got back to cooking up dinner, hoping the day of do-overs was finally over.

Everything seemed fine, Aba came home and BOOM!

I got to do it all over again! Sand in the living room, vacuum again. Kids covered in Wet sand with sand in their hair; wash kids and clean 2 bathrooms again. Finished? Nope not yet! I walk into my room and round the way to the bathroom and …yep potting soil. All. Over. The. Floor.


It would be funny (if it wasn’t me).