Saturday, June 09, 2007

Blog Roll

okay so I had this brilliant idea of posting the blogs I frequent, since I don’t keep a blogroll on my sidebar, and I tend to lurk unless I have something I feel is meaningful to say or a post particularly hits home. Even though I read them all several times a week, I doubt they know I exist.

MoodSwingingMommy - I can relate
PioneerWoman - one of my inspirations to photograph more.
TopMomma - think high school popularity contest
Special K Family - hmmm…
BargainHuntingMoms - who can resist a sale?
Bloggers Choice Awards - please stop voting for Rosie already, and vote for me instead!!!
Inner Musings and Mis-adventures - what can I say?
Free Grabber - free stuff
HomeEc 101 - hints and recipes
Officially a Mom - love the header photo
Ryan’s Calamity - great photos, although I could take a better fly fishing one.
Absolutely Bananas - love this one
Oh the Joys - funny stuff
Stuck in Customs - surreal photos, most look more like oil paintings to me.
Ramblings of a SAHM - found this one on a google search and got hooked
Enter the Circus - just because I do
Surviving Motherhood - funny lady I nominated for the blogger awards
Better Parenting through Coffee - what I have to look forward to.
Get in the Car! - she visits me I visit her, like cyberspace neighbors
Notes from the Trenches - simply put your brain on children
Queen of Shake-shake - She reminds me of a Jewish mama, although I don’t think she is…
5 minutes for mom - lots of contests
Pinks and Blues girls - I don’t know why, I just like it
One tough Momma - I can relate
Life is like a Lunchbox - who doesn’t like a feisty preachers wife?
PostSecret - every Sunday I check these, always something new to think about
Tranquility of Motherhood - visited me first, but now I am a regular visitor to her

I am also using this to help weed my blog garden, and have 5 sites that I will not be visiting anymore, even though I loved sharing in there lives, frankly I don’t want to wait a month or more between posts, or only read sponsored posts (hypocritical? Why yes I am. Don’t worry the PPP experiment will be over soon, and frankly I am getting annoyed with myself even!)