Thursday, June 14, 2007

A conversation from last night:

Aba: you would look good with dreads what?
Me: what?
Aba: the bleach gives your hair a dreaded appearance, and it looks good. that is not possible, how...
Me: Ummm okay. – pause-take a deep breath, it will be okay let me see Holy mother of G-d!!!! What the hell?
Me: Oooohhh. great just what I needed to deal with tonite

Yes Aba had unknowingly dreaded my hair while helping.

I then got the joy of ripping brushing them out in the shower.

Unfortunately all did not go as planned (rubbing bleach in the hair, does not create nice even results), so I do not have a finished product to debut today, and will be staying inside until we fix it! (Hopefully sometime soon)