Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Some things I am Not Okay with…

High heels on little kids. B wears size 10, yet all of the nice shoes, you know for dress up occasions? Have a 1 inch (or more!!!) heel. One of the 8 year old neighbors wears 3 inch sandals daily!!

Figure enhancing clothes on little kids. We all know that some day they will have curves and boobs, and be thought of in that way, but do they really need to when they are 4? B has a pair ofapple bottoms Grandma with the Doggy sent, and I kid you not, they are gathered over the rear to make her butt look big and round!!! I hate those pants, they stay in the laundry room more than anywhere else.

And on the same note: writing on the bottom. Hello!! Again people do not need to be looking at my 4 year olds butt! You all know what I am talking about the tight fitting legging/track pants that spell out “princess” “sexy” or “Hottie” on the gluteus Maximus.

Please parents, let your little girls be kids before you turn them into sex symbols!!!