Saturday, June 02, 2007

Garage sale anyone?

So yesterday I had an impromptu Garage Sale. Well not really impromptu since I had all of the stuff bagged and sorted months ago. But hadn’t really picked a date, or priced things or gone to get change or anything. It all started after my morning Bus stop run, on the way home I was following signs the whole way directing to “my street”, (my street is only 3 blocks long) and had not 1 but 2 garage sales going on, so I figured what the heck, I will just lug all the stuff out here spread it out and see what happens; Here is an accounting of the day:

5 hours + 2 free craigslist ads + other people’s garage sale signs + 3 kids with runny noses + $4 as change (see I told you I was unprepared!) + 50 books + 100 lbs. of fabric (at least) + 1 Nemo DVD + 5 trash bags of old toys and stuffed animals +30 gift bags + 1 trash bag of trash mixed in with the toys + 1 box of old clothes + 1 box of miscellaneous crud stuff + 5 paper signs taped to the garage door = 60 drive by viewings (how can you truly see with out getting out of the car???), 15 purchases (from the 30 that got out of their cars), 5 offers to buy the Nemo DVD for $0.50, 10 pieces of clothing sold, 1 offer to buy my grandmothers plant stand (NOT for sale!!! Especially not for $5), 30 lbs of fabric sold, 4 people declaring $40 is way too much for a camcorder with all the accessories, 1 book sold, 2 customers kids throwing toys for sale, 8 gift bags sold, 5 neighbor kids refusing to stay out of the street while a gazillion cars come barreling in, 2 trash bags of toys sold, a half a trash bag of toys smuggled back into the toy room, including the stuffed Dog Master Hunter thinks is his girlfriend, and $62.50 American $0.30 Canadian.

Was it worth it? Who knows? Highlight of the day: B was helping tape the signs to the garage but somehow misunderstood whose garage to tape them to and taped hers on the neighbors’ house. Make an offer… Lucky I found it or I am sure they would have said A quarter for the BMW, and $5 if you through in the house!!!