Thursday, June 28, 2007

cheap fun in the summertime

We had a great time yesterday at the Foam factory. One of the kids favorite places that we don't go to nearly as often as they want to.
We got in early and grabbed a bag for each of the kids, and started to load up on the foam balls. There are literally thousands of these balls. N had a blast shooting the "bombs" at people and even more so sneaking up and throwing them at me - and hit me squarely in the face several times (note: N throws hard!!!) B enjoyed playing with all the other kids (make that girls) and collecting just pink balls, while J loved the vacuums something he has been fascinated with at home (and giving me a headache with). Sucking the balls up to watch them come out at another end, and the slide. Even baby B had a blast trying to eat the balls. And the bonus? The fans from all the vacuums keep it super cool.

We go here about once a year, and always have a great time. My tips? grab a bag and tell the kids to hang on to it (they don't have enough bags and it is first come, first served), try to get there early in the day when it is less crowded, and if you have a baby crawling around, either Sling em, or Bjorn them so you can join in the fun! And a warning: be prepared to be pelted with balls, and it is loud from all the vacuums, next year I might bring ear plugs, (geesh I must be getting old).

We stayed about 2 1/2 hours, but the pass is good all day, so we could have come back if we wanted to (and probably would have after nap time if it wasn't such a long ass drive). It is a great place to take the little ones whenever you want some good clean and cool fun. On Wednesdays it is only $2 each, and you can stay as long as you want. They open at 11am and stay open till 10 pm.