Thursday, June 21, 2007

My summer plan

Okay since summer is a week old today at our house, of course I have already had to rethink how to tackle it twice. My first attempt of everyone sleeping in and lounging around the house lasted a whole 3 days before it got out of control, so Monday morning I started a daily chart to try and real in the kids. Everyday we leave the house, and go 3 places; 2 errands (necessary items) and one thing for fun (after said errands) that I can use as a bargaining chip for misbehavior. – which I already had to do on Monday, our trip to the pool was cancelled.

So far the chart thing seems to be working, I wrote down what dinner will be, our three outings, and the chores the kids are expected to do (the same ones they have always been expected to do, but somehow now they seem to need them written down now in order to do them!

Yesterdays plan for the day was to head over to Target get B and I some shorts, and get myself a new swimsuit. Then to Ballet class, before heading over to Miss C’s where I was going to weed the patio (you know those pesky weeds that grow between the bricks) and till up a little garden area so she could plant some flowers, but did I get that done? nope But I did clean a wheelbarrow full of rocks off of the side walk, reclaim a planting bed from encroaching grass, fix the dog door platform, heavily trim 2 trees, and adjust the sprinklers. Next week I will be going back to do it again and hopefully this time I will actually do what I need to do, it was sooo hot yesterday I was trying to work in the shade.

But back to target I was able to get a swimsuit with out much worry ( I always seem to lose half of my two piece suits, and get stuck wearing this extremely unflattering red once piece, it always happens, I even had to wear it on my honeymoon because I somehow forgot to pack half of my 2 piece suit it never fails). But the shorts were problem. Apparently Target thinks summer is over and is clearance the $3.99 basic little girls shorts. I have gone every week for the past 2 months and they are always out of size 4. All I wanted was a pair of plain little girls jean shorts for B to be rough and tumble in, and every week they store has been out of size 4’s. If that wasn’t bad enough all of the adult shorts were either low-rise, skintight, or had a 1 inch inseam. Hello!?!?! Not all of us have twig thighs, Not all of us want to show the world our butts every time we bend over and some of us have some extra tummy loving and can’t wear low rise, or .extra low rise with any kind of self dignity flair.. So needless to say I am still short less, at least till next week, when I will try again!