Tuesday, April 03, 2007

When do we eat has just outplaced click for top movie of the year

So far. I don’t know if everyone would enjoy it as much as we did, maybe you have to be part of a large Jewish family in order to see all the humor, but it is defiantly worth a try! And since it is Passover now would be the ideal time to see it (that is if you can get your hands on a copy of it!) This movie is definitely adults or older children only, not for the younger crowd. When do we eat . is a must see! You will find your family in the movie (at least we did)

But the younger crowd would defiantly like Eragon ., that is if they like Harry Potter ., the violence (if you would call it that) is about the same, and the Dragon is Awesome! If you read the book, like I have you will notice lots of gaps and things edited out of the movie.

Happy Feet Happy Feet . was a hit with everyone young and old and had J up and dancing around.

And I still have not seen Merchant of Venice . and it is now starting to gather dust, maybe that will be tonites entertainment (with guests in town they get the final say, and I have been outvoted for many a night now).