Saturday, April 14, 2007

The mighty hunter has returned!

Today was the first day of Turkey season, the long awaited turkey season (yep, Aba has been talking about it since the last day of rabbit season). And as everyone knows this is a big rivalry between Uncle A and Aba (twins, they compete at everything!) and Aba's third turkey season since we moved to Stepford. 2 years under the belt and not a single turkey yet from the both of them, that is during turkey season. The rest of the year apparently they are everywhere.

Last night Aba remembered (how could he forgot since he talks about it daily!) that he hadn't got his turkey license (horror of horrors!) Thank goodness Walmart is open 24 hours and sells all that one needs, licenses, shells, calls, etc. So the tragedy was averted. And Aba was up at 4:30 and gone (Vroom... you can start shooting at sunrise) and we awaited his return.

He has now returned, put his gear in his den (Ahem, that is supposed to be our office!) - with no turkey and thus told his tale of woe:

" the parking lot was filled with trucks, Andi had to park down the hill. I walked in, and after searching and searching found 1 set of tracks, followed by 4 sets of bootprints. I climbed to a higher elevation, so high there was still snow on the ground (it snowed yesterday for all you non-Stepfordians), so no turkeys. It was like a friggin cartoon man!!! I mean I can out hike everyone, but what good does that do when the turkeys can't?!? Oh well, I will go on church day (translation:Sunday). It won't be so crowded then. (pause). Can I have some breakfast? Hmm... I think I will go fishing now!

LOL oh the life of a man. Meanwhile I got thrown up on by J. Apparently a big hearty breakfast followed by a screaming tugging war over a toy can make that happen. But all is well now. A hot shower, clean clothes, and said toy and all is right in the world.

I wonder if he will catch any fish?