Friday, April 06, 2007

I know it is wrong...

but I nominated myself for a blogging award. I have also submitted a picture to topmamma. What is wrong with me??? I am usually ( okay never vain), I don't worry about my hair, I hate to shop for myself, and forget to put makeup on more than half of the time.

I am very happy with my family and my little piece of the worldwideweb, yet somehow I can not resist adding my blog (and therefore myself) to these things. They are all just a bunch of virtual popularity contests. I wonder if it is because I have so little time for real life friends, I hate to talk on the phone and email family and friends any new news (maybe it is because they can't judge me? Yet, I put myself out there and ask them to judge me anyhow we these stupid contests).

Well, anyways, will you please vote for me? (Grinning at you sheepishly)

You can vote for me for best blog here

Thank you!!