Friday, April 06, 2007

Bampas visit

Bampa and Nana just went home from there annual visit (okay, not really annual, more like a new baby has been born and they haven't seen it yet visit, so what is that a bi-annual? visit or whatever once every 2 years happens to be.

We had lots of fun, the kids stayed up late, and skipped naps (so of coarse now we are trying to fix the crankiness), but I (well, actually Auntie LaLa who is still here) managed to get a video of Bampa and the bigger kids.

And on achievements for today: J has finally decided he likes milk! It only takes me microwaving it (like I have to for B), and adding Ovaltine. He has had 3 cups so far this morning. I wonder why N has always drank milk anyway he can get it like it is going out of style, while with B and J I am having to jump through hoops to get them to even think about it (I mean really who else has to Microwave the milk!!!)