Friday, April 27, 2007

library drama

So Fridays at N's school are library day. The day the class gets to pick out 1 book to take home for the week providing they return last weeks book. Well, guess who could not find his book today, yep that is right N! Despite the fact that I put it on the stairs yesterday for him, the fact that he came home and dropped his backpack right next to the book, he could not find it this morning. And yes I was a good mommy and helped look. I looked and looked and looked for 20 minutes, and then I stopped. N is 6 years old now, and is almost done with the school year, he knows library days are Friday, he also knows that his teacher likes the books returned on Thursday, which is besides the point. The point is I found the book yesterday and set it aside for him, since he choose to move it somewhere else instead of putting it in his back pack it is now his turn to find it ( of course if I come across it I will place it on the stairs yet again for the cycle to continue, once again) So tears and screaming cries ensued, all because of a book and not wanting to do it himself. Watch it will show up again before lunchtime...

Ooh, and here are some givaways and link contests cute hair things, a quilting book, another book, and a coach purse