Tuesday, April 24, 2007

okay Uncle A, you win.

It is not practical to make a fancy schmancy built in bed for B, a princess in every right, especially since she needs to share a room, and I should be looking for ways to "maximize space' as you so kindly put it. I wan to, I really do, but I can still make a cook room with out it, fabric works wonders with a good sewing machine and is much easier to repair should something get damaged, which I know it will - it is just a matter of time.

Today I was going to straiten the strawberry plants from last year and ready for harvest (yum) since I had noticed several blossoms the other day, but apparently Mother Nature did not agree with my plans, since I am watching a storm unravel outside the kitchen window, and snow piled up 2 inches deep on the railing already. Soo, our focus has been switched.

Now which color do you think would be best for a little girls room?

Yes I know they are dark, but the walls will stay cleaner this way.

Yes I know they are purple, and B loves pink
, but she must share, remember? And I will not force pink upon Baby B.

Yes I know B wants a pink room, , but I will make it up to her by having a pink bed, all lovingly hand sewn by me ( you scoff, and say I will not finish this project? well you are wrong, for one little reason, and that is B asking me several times a day when her room will be done).