Saturday, April 07, 2007

101 things I wish someone had told me sooner:

1. Always check that the memory card is in the camera before taking pictures.
2. There is not a garbage disposal in the dishwasher.
3. They make washable crayons
4. Only use spray on oils) over the kitchen sink, or you will fall on your butt repeatedly.
5. A good driver is better than a good car
6. Kids will climb anything
7. You should lotion your leather sofas to keep them soft and supple for years to come.
8. A dog should never smell doggy..
9. Homemade French fries need to be fried twice to be crunchy
10. Oxy10 dries out your skin
11. Rabbits will eat the only thing your husband wanted planted in the garden
12. Bleach and water will clean most of your house: bathrooms, kitchens, doorknobs, light switch plates, etc.
13. not all 3 digit area codes belong to the US
14. Crock pots are wonderful
15. If you have ever worn braces, you must wear your retainer for the rest of your life, or your teeth will move back.
16. Never leave a 2 year old unattended with scissors (even kids scissors) unless you want things not meant to be cut up, cut up (like curtains, siblings hair and PJ’s).
17. Pictures on a cell phone, can not be put into a computer, without buying tons of extra stuff
18. you only need ½ the manufacturers recommended amount of laundry detergent
19. My Babies are like koalas, they must touch you at all times to be happy.
20. if you don’t eat enough you will lose muscle, not fat.
21. Juice should be watered down, way down (like 1 cup water to 2 tbsp juice) and can be watered down well past the age of 5!
22. never trust your attorney
23. a candle can keep you warm in a car, in a snowstorm.
24. The baby will try to eat the dog toys
25. a squeegee and squeegee off cleans windows much better than windex and a paper towel or newspaper.
26. Grass won’t grow under a pine tree.
27. Always buy chip resistant plates if you have little kids, or else your plates will get chipped within the first month of having them.
28. frozen is often times better than fresh
29. If you want an all red garden, see the plants actually flower before planting them, even if the nursery or catalogue says they are red
30. rechargable batteries are a must for anything that eats batteries, toys camera, etc.
31. Your home office/ study should always have a door, unless you don’t mind the kids rearranging everything important like your bills, and drawing with permanent markers.
32. fabric scissors are only for fabric, paper scissors are only for paper etc.
33. dishwashing soap and water cleans small scratches off of CD/DVD’s
34. a good soaking in oxiclean overnight will remove almost every stain in the world
35. always keep baby wipes, diapers and a change of clothes in the car.
36. Wet carrots go bad faster.
37. a washed piece of flannel works the same as a swifter cloth.
38. dogs like to eat dirty underwear
39. frozen string cheesemakes an excellent teether.
40. magic eraser will take the paint off if your walls (and varnish off of your floors).
41. always wear gloves when using wallpaper paste.
42. you can make homemade playdough
43. keep water and snacks in your car just in case for little ones
44. Ross, the rack, and outlet stores
45. dog toys and baby toys are the same
46. Diaper genies are a waste of money
47. Digital cameras are awesome, and so are memory cards.
48. Do not buy generic spray on oil with flour, it is not the same as the name brand.
49. you only need to eat 3 TBSP of peanut butter extra a day when pregnant, not a pint of hagen-daz
50. a puppy should be trained from day 1 to poop in one section of the yard.
51. proactive gets rid of pimples
52. Potatoes and onions should not be stored together.
53. White vinegar can be used in place of jet dry
54. ear wax removal is considered a surgery by insurance companies.
55. fry oil can be used more than once
56. 7up extends the life of cut flowers
57. You can cut baby nails shorter with scissorsthan clippers.
58. Google has spell check for internet posts
59. cast ironcan not go in the dishwasher, ever
60. Grass should not be cut shorter than 3 inches.
61. Jelly fish can still sting you when they are dead.
62. infant carseats allow the baby to sleep while you run errands instead of waking them up every time you get in or out of the car.
63. you will always have a pile of un-matched socks
64. every kitchen needs a pair of scissors.
65. Never use liquid dishwashing detergent
66. Dress shirts need to have the collars and armpits pre-treatedfrom day 1, or they will discolor.
67. All screws should be anchored.
68. With super glue
69. less is more.
70. Sometimes babies cry for no reason.
71. Bagged salad lasts longer if removed from the bag and put into a glass bowl.
72. dehydration can make you cranky
73. There is a flat rate long distance from the US to Canada.
74. when diapers leak on a regular basis they are not the right size
75. Kids can turn anything into a toy gun.
76. soapy water gets rid of aphids
77. When you teach a child to cut with a knife they will cut everything possible.
78. dogs like to eat dirty diapers
79. keep a swiffer clth in your car
80. As soon as you get rid of the rabbit (that ate the garden) another will move in.
81. a frozen wash cloth is great for owies.
82. never substitute laundry detergent for dishwashing detergent
83. the dog will chew on the baby toys
84. fabric softenershould be watered down
85. Never leave a sippy cup of milk (especially chocolate) in your car.
86. wipe warmersare a waste of money
87. always look behind you before casting your hook over your head
88. you only need ½ the manufacturers recommended amount of dishwashing soap
89. the dishwashing coil can and will melt plastic utensils
90. Kids will climb things and then get stuck at the highest and most awkward positions.
91. Deadheading flowers promotes more blooming.
92. babies sweat profusely when they sleep
93. if wearing all black, make sure the blacks match
94. wash all parts of zipoff pants together
95. Always use spray on oil for bundt pans.
96. dogs will eat anything including lettuce and cucumbers if coated in gravy
97. As soon as you throw away your unpaired socks, you will find the match.
98. dog toys and baby toys are the same
99. always get the best attorney
100. You can take videos with your digital camera
101. you can not go off-roading in a Mercedes