Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gymnastics bites the dust…

So N has been taking gymnastics since August, at a gym I picked after researching all of them in the area for price, equipment used pummel horse, rings, trampoline, etc., coach qualifications and the like. And finally choose ours because they do competitions, used all of the equipment, had qualified coaches, and the price was right

Well, now they are closing their doors, they sent home a letter last night, saying next week will be the last week. 1 weeks notice. Nice. So now I need to find a new gym, or do I? Maybe this is a sign it is time for a change? Our house rule is one class a week when school is in, excluding Hebrew school. So N got gymnastics for 2 reasons. 1. We could not find a mutton bustin’
’ class, and 2. He was a bit of a klutz
. Well I think the klutzy part has remedied itself (although that may not have anything to do with the gymnastics but who knows…)

So now a plethora of options has opened up. Go to a new gymnastics school or…
Horse back riding – too expensive!
Dance – already vetoed by N
Martial arts (of any kind) already vetoed by Aba
Hockey – again too expensive
Or one of the arts
And the list goes on and on. So it has been decided we will have a sit down next week, with N, Aba and myself and go over the options.

I wonder which ones will make him popular in high school?
Get him a scholarship to collage?
Or help him in his professional adult life?