Thursday, April 12, 2007

do it today for our children, tommorrow is their future

It is not easy being green

I want to do what is best for the environment, for my children’s health, and the planets future. But it is Sooo not easy. Buy organic, support local farmers
, save energy, save water, compost, eat less meat, use sustainable woods for paper and furniture, don’t use plastic, don’t use disposable, reduce, reuse, recycle, grow your own food, buy hormone and antibiotic free, compost, be responsible, don’t litter, pick up litter, only you can prevent forest fires, save gas, go yellow, waste not, want not, etc. etc.etc.

I try I really do try, I tried to buy a vehicle that used alternative fuels, but they were either twice as much as regular cars, or the fuel was not available anywhere reasonably close to us. We do support local farmers and buy hormone and antibiotic free when it comes to milk
and beef beef
, buy organic 75% of the time (Costco’s organic line has really helped us out with this one, but what happened to the broccoli? it has been missing from the freezer section for at least 2 weeks!). We do the litter pickup (Aba is great at this on his fishing excursions, a trash bag every time – what is wrong with people don’t they want to keep Colorado beautiful

A few things I could try harder on, and I plan too. Like composting
, Stepford does not like big smelly compost piles, or unsightly bins, even in our back yard. I need to find a nice enclosed pleasant looking, easy to use, non smelling compost container. And over the summer we do try and grow our own food, last years garden looked like jumunji with my over zealous over crowding trying to fit it all in, so this year the green house is being moved and the garden expended 2 or 3 times its size. Plus we planted fruit trees last fall – apples and plums – and all but one are putting out leaves and beginning to blossom.

But there is one thing I just can not bring myself to do. I will not use cloth diapers
. I know diapers fill the landfills, but with all the laundry I do already (I so want 2 washers and dryers and a clothes line - - but that is another thing about Stepford, no clotheslines they are considered “unattractive’ – ugh) it is not feasible.

I hope the worlds does fate does not come down to my diaper usage and lack of composting...

What are you doing?
today for a better tomorrow