Friday, September 28, 2007

Sukkot is here, yet we have no sukkah

Which shouldn't surprise me in the least actually. Aba works. Alot. And he has friends which build these great magnificent sukkahs that can hold 100 people. And inevitably these friends ask for his help, and he always obliges. Aba also helps the rabbi build the shuls sukkah. So that means we have no time to build a sukkah of our own.

But every year while helping friends build there, loaning out our extension cords and heat dishes so they don't freeze in their sukkahs, allowing them to borrow our folding tables and chairs so they have enough seating for their guests, we go with out. Even if Aba did have enough energy to actually build us a sukkah, we would have nothing to put in it!

This year with our house being for sale I guess it would be kinda odd. I mean if a Goyam were to come and look at our house and we had a roofless shack built outside...

But every year Aba tells me of how our Sukkah will look next year. It will have walls to keep the wind out, tons of branches and greenery on the roof and walls, a table and chairs, heat dishes and lights. It sounds wonderful, and every year the vision gets grander in his head. Now I will just have to wait until the year when work does not force him to work through the holidays, the Rabbi does not need help, and friends to not call to borrow our sukkah supplies. And someday we will have a sukkah of our own.