Friday, September 21, 2007

Just like me???

Miss B is a dolly girl. She carries her baby dolls around constantly, dresses them and feeds them, takes them for walks and puts them down for nap. I love that she is so kind and gentle and is such a good doll mama, so when we got the American girl catalog in the mail the other day, I knew the perfect Hanukkah gift for her would be a Just Like Me Doll, but apparently as I perused the choices, there is no Just-like-Miss-B doll to be had! Yes they have all the components of a Miss B doll, just not on one doll! Simple though I thought, I will call the company and tell them the combo I would like, and they can piece together the right doll, I mean you would think it would be fairly easy for a doll company to put different hair or eye color on a doll, right?

Apparently not. I described what I needed: Medium skin, Dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and earrings. I mean couldn't they pop the brown eyes out and put hazel in and add earings??? Apparently not. So disappointing on one hand that I can't get this special doll for her, but on the other hand it really shows how special she is, that they do not have a generic doll just like her.

So anyone know where I can get her a doll just like her?