Tuesday, September 25, 2007

And why isn't the media covering this?!?!?

Okay, I usually try to keep this blog away from politics, and email forwards, but something came across my inbox this morning that I could not ignore!!! An email that said England will no longer teach about the holocaust for fear of offending Muslims who say it never existed. What??? Since when do students, children get to decide what happened in history!!! Here is the email:
Disgrace for England!

This week in England every memorial of the holocaust has been removed from the school study programs, arguing that it hurts the Muslim population that denies the holocaust.

That is a sign of an upcoming worldwide disaster, terrifying evidence of how easily countries can give in to anti-Semitism.

It has been more than 60 years since the end of World War 2 in Europe as England didn't lift a finger to save the Jews that were butchered by the Germans and now they are Boycotting Israel Academics and removing the holocaust from the schools study programs. .

This email has been sent in order to create a chain of memory for those 6 million Jews, 20 million Russians, 10 million Christians, and 1900 catholic priests, that have been murdered, raped, burnt, starved to death, and humiliated by the Nazis.

Now, more than ever, considering the efforts of Iran and others ' denying the Holocaust, it is most crucial to do whatever it takes to ensure that the world never forgets .

This email should reach at least 40 million people in the world.

Join us and become a link in the chain of memory for those who have past in the terrible events of the Holocaust. Help spread this email around the world so others may understand and help as well.

Please send this message to at least 10 of your friends or contacts. Please do not delete this email; it only takes one minute to pass it on. Thank you for your efforts.

Now, I don't watch the news, but I would think being surrounded by orthodox Jews on a regular basis one of us would have heard about this before now! So my second thought was is this a hoax? And upon googling I discovered that it is real, very real.

But I only found 2 news sources about it! Why are they trying to keep this from the public? Apparently everyone in the world needs to hear several times when Madonna takes her famous friends to Israel for the High Holidays, which has absolutely no impact on the future generations and is purely gossip, yet when a whole nation will no longer learn about the holocaust, only The Daily Mail and The British Times Online are strong enough to report it? Where is the mass media? Why is this not being blown up on news stations everywhere? Why is this being allowed to happen?

If we do not teach our children the past, they will be doomed to repeat it in the future. Why are we allowing a small religious sect to dominate what is being taught or rather not taught in schools? We need to learn from the past, not forget it.