Thursday, September 27, 2007

Aba wants a pig

Yes. you read that right. Aba wants a pig. Yes we are orthodox Jews and have no use for a pig or pork. But Aba wants a pig.

I have told him no on several occasions. But we all know what happens when I tell him no, and he has his heart set on it, like with the TV in his car? He gets it anyways. So Aba wants a pig, although he is not sure what type he wants yet...

He says they are great! They can eat all kinds of leftovers including spoiled milk and rotten meat! ( We have tons of that sitting around, right?) They can turn a pile of manure into compost in the dead of winter! ( yep a pile of manure) All great reasons to get a pig, right?!?!? Oh and he was going to get a pair, but I have talked him out of that since they reproduce every 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days. That is a lot of pigs!

Now don't get me wrong, I love pigs, in fact my first word was Pig ( betcha didn't know that) and I remember playing with the piglets on my uncles farm when I was little. But I also remember the smell, and the flies. And pigs get BIG.

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I definitely don't want a pig! But it looks like we will be getting one sooner or later ( yes I know we live in suburbia, but we are moving to the country someday soon...) I have been informed it will be coming home as a "surprise" as well.

Aba will build a pen, get a dog (pig) house, and bring it home. And any questions that I may ask will be answered with a knowing "You'll see" Great. I guess we will be getting a pig.

So does that mean I can randomly bring animals home too? Well as long as I "secretly" build a home for them first?

So when looking for our house just look for the house with a mezuzah bigger than your head, and a pig in the yard.