Friday, September 07, 2007

4 clean kids

early in the morning. A feat all its own.

The first day of Pre-K is today, and B is all set to go as long as we get the immunization sheet and health forms back from Dr. Lujan; if not her first day will be Monday.

Is anyone else as interested in the Duggar family as I am??? It is some kinda sick obsession. I want to know how they do meals, chores, laundry, handle fights, etc. Well, not just how they do, but how all large families do. I read a few blogs by moms of many, and I just have an odd fascination I guess. I like to look at it as research, since with 4 sometimes even the most mundane tasks become monumental. If you are as curious as I am maybe you should take a look over at Larger Families and Notes from the Trenches with me.