Thursday, September 20, 2007

No more Mr. Nice Aba

this was declared last night over dinner. A dinner that did not go as smoothly as planned. Yes the children behaved, but Aba decided that we have been being much to nice to the children allowing them to get away with more than is allowed.

This is all my fault I have to admit. I allowed B to skip school yesterday because

A> N gets out of school on Wednesdays at the same time she is supposed to arrive a half hours drive away.
B> I got stuck talking to the principals secretary about PTO mishaps for over a half hour. If she went she would have been in class for less than an hour. So apparently my priorities are a bit messed up.
C> while I was at PTO Tuesday night N used this as a reason to skip his homework (basically he did not tell Aba about it).
I am sure there are more reasons, but those are all I remember.

Upon last nights declaration
1. we will have no more TV on school days and only movies on the weekends.
2.Our families priorities will be Judaism first.
3. All boys must wear Keepas at all times and say hamotzi before eating.
4. Education is our second priority.
5. N must learn to read a book all on his own. And do extra work assigned by Aba.
6. B must go to school everyday , and I will be signing her up for the expensive glorified daycare lunch bunch on Wednesdays so she arrives on time.
7. J must be potty trained N-O-W, despite the fact he still can not communicate properly.

I have been informed by Aba our children are a mess and we are going to be tough on them till they all straiten out and fly right. J sneaking out of bed at night? Not anymore! School trips planned on High Holidays? Not for our kids! School involvement with the PTO? Not if it takes me away from the family!

Lets see how long this lasts, but for now it is Boot Camp with Classical music, Paper and Pens, and Potties all around.