Sunday, September 16, 2007

and the push for fall is on!!!

Aba has been trying to get some end of season fishing in, even though he could fish year round, he prefers to focus on Hunting with Master Hunter once the season opens ( in just 2 weeks!). N has just returned from Camp Jackson and had a great time. While I was scared he was going to loose Teddy (now wouldn't that be a nightmare) he managed to bring him home. Yeah!!!

B did her big recital in the Park yesterday and did a great job (Pictures will be coming soon) and we got the bonus of it being car show day, so we got to spend a few hours wandering through the old cars and tractors. Joy of Joys.

and sometime last week Baby B got her 2nd tooth. I think that is all the new news for now. Last week was really hectic with the Holidays and all, so hopefully I will have more time to blog this week.