Tuesday, September 04, 2007

a helping hand

Recently a friend and neighbor of ours found out she was pregnant. While this is great news, she has been put on permanent bedrest and is barely 4 months along, which is difficult to say the least, when she has just become a SAHM to her 2 year old, and released the nanny. With everything going on they are not able to rehire a nanny.

I have no idea what would happen at our house if that happened, how she can stay in bed with an active 2 year old... I guess this is when it takes a village, or community to raise a child. I am now bringing meals over to this child 3 times a day to help out, and while it is difficult, and I complained about it last night when I first found out I was volunteered for the job, I really am glad to help, and try to make this time as easy as possible for the mom to be and the little 2 year old.