Thursday, October 04, 2007

Where have I Been?

I have been down for the count with a super high temperature for the past 3 days. During which Baby B became a cling-on which I allowed because a) I was to out of it to do any different b) I figured she might not be feeling well either, and c) I think she is teething on the top now.

So anyways I was unable to get on the computer to read any blogs much less write. Anytime I tried to sit up my head went POUND-POUND-POUND and if I dared to stand it multiplied 10 fold. I even cancelled school for everyone on Tuesday because I couldn’t get in the car to drive.

While the kids were home and I was no help at all, N got Breakfast for everyone, and covered me with a blanket and everyone gave me there lovies; Teddy, koala, and froggy were my new friends. Along with the cold Owie bear. Imagine me on the sofa looking like death, a blanket on top, 3 stuffed animals a ice cold owie bear, and J and B climbing on top of me. Now that is the best way to get better, fast, huh?

You know what else the kids did? They learned how to operate the TV. Now how N went over 6 years not knowing I have no idea, but now they can change channels, change the volume, and even know channel numbers.

Oh course our house got trashed during this and we had a showing Wednesday morning!!! Oh well I got it cleaned in time.