Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pick a peck of pumpkins

Despite being cloudy all day we went over to Rock Creek Farms to pick a 6 pack of pumpkins. With snow predicted for tomorrow, and Aba working next weekend, we felt it would be more fun to pick the pumpkins before we needed to dig them out of the snow!!! We attempted to follow Grandma with the fishies tradition of allowing the children to pick the largest one they could carry, and it went well with N, but Miss B had some trouble and as she started to cry it was to big, it began to rain! So with 2 other kids to get pumpkins for still as well as our own, Aba gave in and carried it for her. Maybe we will try again next year, although hopefully then instead of carrying the pumpkin to the car, we will be carrying them in from our own field! So for this year I did the best I could under the circumstances to get some pictures and follow tradition. Fortunately they only charged us for the pumpkins, and not for the 15 lbs of mud we brought home on our boots!!!