Sunday, October 07, 2007

No, I am not nuts, maybe just a bit crazy

Inspired b y the post at Absolutely Bananas

The future: we were promised robots and hovercrafts and vacations to mars. But we have none of these. The future was always painted as a happy place where all was perfect. Where is all of that? All I hear about lately is war: Iraq, Afganistan, and now Iran!!! Global warming, how the ice caps are melting, the ocean is rising and stronger hurricanes!

Now I know some people say the American economy is doing great, and others say it is sinking. I don’t really know. But what I do know is that I want to do everything I can to provide my family with food and shelter. Along with a safe place in which to live and grow, and they have a lot of growing left to do! The other day for Breakfast a dozen eggs, 4 potatoes worth of hash browns and a pound of sausage and they were asking for more (Duggars how do you do it?).

It is no wonder so many people are turning back to the land, not to escape, but to try and improve not only their quality of life, but life for all. Now there are many ways of doing this from the most severe of going completely off grid, raising everything you eat and homeschooling, to doing small things like buying locally grown, switching lightbulbs out to fluorescent bulbs, and the 3 R’s : reduce, reuse recycle. Now don’t panic,.We are not going to the extreme here. Personally I am not really into homeschooling; but I am into gardening, and chickens. A garden is easy to grow – if you have the room. Chickens are fun and easy – again if you have the room. A cat would be great (I have always wanted one) especially if it stays outside and keeps the rodents out of the garden. And who knows what else will arrive ( I miss the goats we had to give away in the city). Best of all the food our kids eat will be clean. Organic. Fresh. Pure. Anyways…

Every little change each of us makes can help everyone. It is a combined effort people!!! So one day soon, once our house in suburbia sells (fingers crossed it will be soon) we will move to our own little piece of land and live one of the earliest American dreams.