Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ai Ai Ai Ai

The woes of house sales with 4 little ones in the house. It is very difficult to keep ones house looking "picture perfect" at all times. The dishes all done, the beds all made, laundry put away, bathrooms tidy with no fingerprints anywhere, the yard clear of toys and whatnot (from the dog) and the toys all picked up!!!

And to top it off, now I have to paint! Now normally I love to paint, however, not when I am trying to keep all the kids busy ( fall break = no school) and the house picture perfect. We are to "neutralize" the colors in our home. Realtors don't care that they are what is shown on HGTV and in the design magazines, and apparently the potential buyers don't like it either, so I am painting.

All this cleaning has really but into my blogging time, and fodder, unless you want to hear the trials and tribulations of making a bathroom sparkle while trying to potty train, or how to cook dinner and keep the kitchen spotless!

So wish me luck today the painting begins!!!