Monday, October 29, 2007

That was my fault, sorry...

Today I took N to school. Usually he rides the bus, but I had to hang posters for the Fall festival, so why not give him a ride, right?

So we get to school, drop him off, hang the posters and I am going over details with the principals secretary to make sure everything is approved that needs to be. All the little ones are behaving well.

Then B has to go potty, and the secretary goes to check room availability for this months PTO meeting. That is when it happened. J, the 2 year old has spotted a red lever on the wall, it shone in the sunlight, and had a handle. Apparently, it called to him.

What do you think happened next?

Yep he pulled it.

The alarm rang. Loudly.

People start moving, I apologize, they know he did it, but it is too late.

The fire department is on the way, the sirens are blaring we are asked to evacuate. I apologize again and B comes running from the bathroom.

Again I apologize. Then I go to the car and leave. I feel like I am sneaking away from a crime scene. The sirens are louder now. I pass the fire engine a half a block away from the school.

I feel awful, but what do I do?

On the bright side, I now know with out a doubt if there ever was a fire a N's school the firemen will be there pronto.

Oh, the joys of having a curious 2 year old, that does before he asks.