Monday, October 02, 2006

A day of atonement

On today Yom Kippur I feel the need to ask for forgiveness.

I would like to ask my husband to forgive me for not understanding his desire to put religion above all else, even if that means we can not go apple picking, or to the fair. I would like him to know that I support him in all he does even if I do not see the reasons behind it. I would also like to ask him to forgive me for all the times I have nagged him, not taken care of my household duties, or slacked off in general when I could have done more for the family.

I would like to ask my children to forgive me when I tell them to hold on, or to wait a minute when I am doing something they feel is not as important as what they have to say. I would also like to ask them to forgive me for punishing them when they misbehave, when I am at the end of my rope and need 5 minutes to regroup, but take it out on them instead. And I apologize for yelling when I could walk away and calm down when they have made the mess of the century by sprinkling baby powder over the walls, or dumping out every toy in the house of the floor.

I would also like to apologize to anyone else I may have wronged, or made feel bad or inferior in any way.

I need to learn patience and tolerance of others feelings and mistakes. I also need to learn that the small things in life are what make us who we are, and I can choose how I react to them, if I will over react and lash out, or if I will stop and think first.

Gemar Chatima Tovah