Saturday, October 14, 2006

N's PEP conference

So yesterday was a "free" day meaning no school for N as it was a conference day. However, this conference a PEP conference is much different from those we all remember. his was not a review of the child's work, but a conference in order to put a plan in place, a personal education plan, for the rest of the year. Basically what happens is the parent and teacher go over where the child is and what the child needs to focus on next, and then the teacher and child go over it as well.

So for our little kindergartner we went over story problems (what we remember as word problems), writing numbers properly starting at the top, lower case letters starting at the top, beginning reading, which consists of rhyming, word association (see a picture of a radio, and the word radio written out), sounding words out phonetically, and 15 core words that need to memorized. We also went over early writing, where the student learns to spell, and putting things away when they are done playing with them, as well as currency.

So out of all of this our little man needs to focus on learning currency ( the difference between a nickle, Pennie, quarter, etc. and how many pennies make a nickle, how many nickles make a quarter, etc), putting things away when done with them ( apparently this is something the WHOLE class has as a goal), and confidence when writing ( we seem to have a case of the 'I Cant's' on our hands) so for him anything he writes is good even if it is "gfhunx" and once his confidence is up, we will focus on getting the correct letter of each word right (ie: ball could be btld) and then on the whole word correctly).

So now that we have our home goals in-line with the school goals we can work together to help our student do the best he can do.