Sunday, October 08, 2006

where fo the pregnant women go to walk the baby out?

Well apparently yesterday it was the corn maze! 8 acres of corn cut into a spiders web of a maze! We went with some friends who have kids similar in ages to ours and one who was in Hubbies class last year. It was tons of fun eating corn on the cob, kettle corn, and wandering aimlessly through first the kiddie maze and then the big maze. We wandered aimlessly through finding many emergency exits, but not the real one for quite a while, till we finally asked for help and found out we were next to the 7 and it was pretty much a strait shot out! The kids enjoyed it and all let out a shout of joy when we finally made it out. The other mom and I chatted through the course, the kids played hide and freak ( scare) the parents every 100 feet or so, we were letting them lead the way, and the dads drank "forbidden" beer ( no alcohol allowed on the grounds).