Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The sock monster and his cousins came for a visit.

Ever notice how when you have a pair of something, one just goes missing? Socks, gloves, shoes, matching tops and bottoms, and you don't really think much of it? It is kinda expected after all. I get a pile of socks with no mates, that I hopelessly hold onto, waiting for the missing pair to show up, till the pile gets so big it takes a whole grocery bag to throw them out, only to find the missing sock 2 weeks later ( after 6 months of searching??) well, that is too be expected, the sock monster seems to have fun playing this game with us.

And now that the cold has set in, the mitten monster has come out to play as well, finding only left hands or rights, and no way to make a pair is frustrating! It is also frustrating when a child starts out with a pair of gloves and returns inside, or home from school with only one. But this too is to be expected.

A new cousin has emerged however, one that no one would suspect. and this is the footy PJ monster. Really it is an unexpected one as there is not a pair to lose half of, rather, you lose the whole thing! With as many children and hand-me-downs as we have, we expect to buy for the largest sized child we have, for things that can be shared pretty much across gender and such like socks, some t shirts, and footie pj's. But alas the Footie PJ monster has stolen all of the footie pj sizes we could possibly use. we have no 5's, no 4's, one 3, and one 2! How can that be possible! We have always dressed our little ones in footies through out the winter months, even when we lived in CA!

So last week I went off the target and bought 2 size 5's so my oldest can rotate them ( which means I must wash everyday- but that seems to happen anyways with a household our size, when the children soil their clothes several times a day still). and 2 size 4's as my little princess has surpassed her 3 year old status on the growth charts and is officially the size of a 4 year old, meaning new pants, new tights, new dresses ( unless we want her but exposed) and larger footie pj's, and of course she got girly colors so either our little bruiser will be sleeping in pink and red in a few years, or we will be replacing them for him as well. So after this outing I thought we were good to go, that is until Hubby noticed bruisers footies were a little tight ( and of course he ad the biggest supply with like 10 sets!) . Hmm, well time to check the hand me down boxes again, and what do I discover? Out of 2 HUGE Rubbermaid boxes of 24months / 2t clothes, their is 1 measly footed pj! AAARGHGH! It just makes me want to scream. So I guess tomorrow I will be off to target yet again for more footie pjs. I

I bet the footie pj monster is having a great big laugh and rolling on the floor at this one, and he will probably roll even harder when come next May he starts randomly giving them back!