Saturday, October 28, 2006

sleds and snow

So we have had snow twice this year and Halloween is not even here yet ( our usual start of snow season). The first snow was rather uneventful, but the second one really dumped a lot! Everything was fine, until I came home to for everyone off for lunch, and I tried to park the car. Well so much snow had piled up, that I was unable to get the car in the garage, and unable to back out of the driveway. I proceeded to dig the van out and who should pull up but Aba, home for lunch , right behind me, and proceeded to get his car stuck in the snow as well! Well, it was now 10 minutes till B needed to be picked up and both of our cars were stuck and stuck good! So after 15 more minutes of shoveling, Aba pushing the car, and attempting to put on the chains he had sworn fit the Lexus (they were chains form our old Mercedes) that didn't fit, we finally got he car free and I got to take a controlled skid for 3 blocks to return to the main road!

But the day did improve later once Aba returned home for the day we went Sledding! the kids had great fun, making snow angels, throwing and eating snowballs, and sledding down the hills in tandem and on their own. Aba also had great fun sledding down the hills, to the point where he could have been considered "hogging" the sleds. I guess we will need to get a few more!